Construction Site Security

The need for on-site security is especially prudent in and around construction sites regardless of the physical size of the job. Construction supervisor main concern is to control access to construction while the crew is not present.  Our guards utilizes visitor and vendor login sheet to record all access to the construction site.  No equipment or materials are released without proper permission from the construction supervisor.

Laying a good foundation for security is a prerequisite for success just like laying a good foundation for a building.  Every construction site has sub-contractors from many disciplines, which means much valuable equipment is available to tempt the experienced and amateur criminal alike.

Trained security officers are the best and most professional workforce to utilize in these cases.  Security now, can be a big payoff later! RBW Security offers you up to 24 hours, 7 days a week security coverage at a low cost per hour rate.

Along with providing trained and uniformed security personnel, RBW Security provides an assortment of full service security programs.  We offer the following services to construction sites:

*Access Control (login & logout visitors and vendors)
*Patrol the contraction site
*Prevent graffiti
*Stop unauthorized visits
*Evict loiters
*Control homeless in and around the construction site
*Report hazards to construction supervisor
*Write Daily Activity Report (DAR)
*Provide security guard trailer, if needed
*Mobile Patrol
*We have 24 hour supervision.  The supervisor checks the posts and the security officers randomly at your location
*If you are not satisfied with an officer assigned to your post, we can replace the officer immediately
*All clients have access to our management 24 hours a day

NO TRESPASSING & WARNING SIGNS are installed at your post