To  become part of our team, we are very selective.  We select individuals that are go-getters and believe in representing themself as a professional in their performance, their appearance and are ready to achieve success in their career.  We offer our special employees great wages, and first class training that foster a long and successful career.

We are always hiring Security Guards

Security guards will protect residential gated communities, medical centers, construction sites and retail shopping centers.


police-officer-512Spend majority of shift on foot patrol, walking, climbing stairs of the interior and perimeter of the job site to observe, record, and report potential security and safety risks or undesirable conditions.  Requires verbal communication using cell phone and two-way radio, bending, stooping and kneeling.

police-officer-512Maintain order on job site dealing with the welfare of residents, employees, visitors and vendors; assisting with site rules and regulations, directions, coordinate expedient response to emergency conditions such as fire or safety hazards and threats to life and/or property in a calm, rational and persuasive manner.  Handling undesired conduct, violations of site policy and civil laws as warranted for security and safety of site residents, employees, patrons and property.  Requires grasping, lifting and/or carrying or otherwise moving persons, packages, wheelchairs and safety equipment using manual dexterity of hands.

police-officer-512Observe for any unusual activity and in the case of suspicious behavior report directly, via radio to the supervisor on duty, report any alarms similarly.

police-officer-512Use a clear, concise English speaking voice, listen with empathy, provide accurate information and document legibly all appropriate incident information.

police-officer-512Memorize and monitor life safety system installed at property including layout of entire building , alarm pull stations, location of fire extinguisher and sprinklers.

Specific Job Knowledge, Skill and Ability

The individual must possess the following knowledge, skills and abilities and be able to explain and demonstrate that he or she can perform the essential functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodation, using some other combination of skills and abilities.

police-officer-512Through knowledge of the site layout and some knowledge of the city and surrounding areas.

police-officer-512Ability to effectively deal with internal and external persons, some of whom will require high levels of patience, tact and diplomacy to defuse anger and collect accurate information.

police-officer-512Ability to listen effectively, speaks, read and write English clearly to ascertain and document important information.

police-officer-512Ability to stand, walk and/or sit and continuously perform essential job functions for duration of shift.

police-officer-512Hearing and visual ability to observe and detect signs of emergency situations.

police-officer-512Perform task requiring bending, stooping, kneeling,and walking significant distances between and within building on the property.

police-officer-512Ability to grasp, lift and /or carry or otherwise move goods weighing a maximum of 200 lbs. Sufficient manual dexterity in hands

police-officer-512Ability to climb stairs and ladders at a rapid pace.

police-officer-512Ability to perform duties within extreme temperature ranges.


Any combination of education and experience equivalent to graduation from high school or any other combination of education, training or experience that provides the required knowledge skills and abilities.  High School diploma preferred.


Prior law enforcement or other military experience preferred.  Applicants with additional language skills preferred.

Licenses or certificates

No special licenses required, CPR certification and first aid training preferred.

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